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1. prize stallion - 22.500 EUR (inkl moms)
10 year old stallion, 8.32 in total. BLUP 117
Competet in danish championsships 2016. Very promissing for T.2 and 4.1
Could also be very good for Junior/youngriders.

Please contact me for further information.
- Meet his offsprings at our place, they are VERY promissing.

Ronja fra Eyfjörd, 5,100 EUR
Mare, 6 years, 139 cm, 4½-gaiter(no pace to find so far), medium willingness. 
Young mare with lots of talent, especially for 4-gait competition and possibly FIZO. Her father is former World Cup stallion, Pá from Eyfjörd.
Ronja works well and with further training, can be a fantastic riding horse.
She is well educated, easy to tölt as she performs clear beat up to medium tempo.

Stínus fra Eyfjörd, 4.700 EUR, born 2016, Father: Hnokki frá Fellskoti. Blup 115.

"BLUP stallion", which allowes him to cover mares when building is FIZO judged in age of 3 and 4.  

Silja fra Sophiendal, Mare, 10 years old, 138cm, 5-gaiter, medium / slightly above average willingness. Amazingly sweet and experienced mare. Trained and ridden outsite. Unproblematic on trips alone, and does not respond to traffic. Good understanding of the signals, and adapt to the individual rider. Could be an exciting horse for the ambitious Junior / youngrider for the competitiontracks, or perhaps a horse for the family who wants a good learning horse. Willingness can come above average - you control how much pressure you put - Silja will follow up. She has good movements and will easily be in the middle classes (SPORT A for JR)

Branda vom Kranichtal 6.450 EUR Mare, 4-gaiter, 140 cm, medium willingness. Exciting mare with great spaciousness and capacity in all gaits. Branda is good at her age. She has great potential for competition and for display at the breedingshow. She still needs more tempo and strength for riding fast tölt. With further education, this mare can make many dreams come true. Trot is big and spacious, and sometimes she can hardly carry it herself. Galop is with a lot of jump and back swing. Used to go on trips alone, she is totally cool in traffic. Branda can also be a topic for the ambitious junior / youth rider

Letnir fra Højvang

Adam fra Eyfjörd, 6.400 EUR - Stallion, 4 years old, 5-gaiter, 140cm, BLUP 114  Father DK2002104269 - Magnus from Dalur Mother DK2007207716 - Ása from Eyfjörður BLUP stallion, which is entitled to coverings for building production this year and next year. 1st-class parents (exciting colors in the pedigree) He is not yet ready but sweet and easy in all handling. Adam is a breeding potential. Stands at this moment in Mols mountains with other young horses. Bids are received by serious buyer. 

Vördur fra Eyfjörd, 7.500 EUR,  Gelding, 6 years, 4½-gaiter, 146 cm, BLUP 113 - Medium willingness. Really beautiful vallak with very good mind. Vördur is in-ridden/startet riding in nature and he is used to meeting various traffic, dogs, bicycles, etc. He is sweet, cooperative and easy to ride. He shows 4 beautiful and spacious gaits. He has a good understanding of the signals and he has a good basic education behind him. Very sweet and sociable, can be ridden by most. Give a good trip - every time. Very easy in tölt. 

Águst fra Eyfjörd, 4.700 EUR Born 2016, Father: Águstinus from Melaleti.  

"BLUP stallion", which allowes him to cover mares when building is FIZO judged in age of 3 and 4.  

Naskur fra Eyfjörd 8.100 EUR - 5 gaiter gelding (no pace trained), 146 cm, above average willingness. 

Well-trained luxury riding horse. For the rider who wants a well-trained versatile riding horse with many possibilities. Multi-speed, easy "gear change", good understanding of collaborative signals, familiar with both unifying and flexible exercises on the riding track. Could be an interesting topic for the rider who wants to ride: alrid, 4-gait, tölt, and lots of long walks in the wood.

We are interested in exchanging / partial exchange with an older / experienced horse for a slightly nervous rider.

Mare, 12 years old, 5-gaiter, 140cm(looks taller under rider), medium will
F: Ódur frá Brún - M: Nanna frá Lækjarbrekku 2
Luxury horse for trips, or your new competition horse?
Uncomplicated mare with 5 strong and safe gaits. Completely safe and unproblematic in riding, both in the woods and in the track area.. Cooperative and Well trained. Always clear beated tölt, she shows great potential for T.2.
Exciting for many riders. Will go Danish championships with JR / YOUNG.

Funi fra Eyfjörd, 4.700 EUR, born 2015, Father: Muni frá Kvistum. Blup 115. 

"BLUP stallion", which allowes him to cover mares when building is FIZO judged in age of 3 and 4.